Code of ethics

We, the members of the Association of Risk and Crisis Communication, affirm:


  • Our acknowledgement that human life and prosperity have always faced varying levels of risk as a result of the earth’s natural volatility and the activities of mankind;
  • Our conviction that recent human activity has created planetary risks of an unprecedented nature with potentially borderless, more powerful, long-lasting, and fatal consequences;
  • Our dedication to developing a culture of communication promoting confidence, awareness, understanding, solutions-orientation and risk preparedness;
  • Our belief that a multidisciplinary approach is the most effective way to assess, prevent and prepare for risks;

Ethical Principles

  • Our endeavour to display competence, honesty, integrity and transparency in all our undertakings;
  • Our responsibility to ensure that, in a fast-changing world, we sustain the quality of our knowledge and maintain a state of the art approach so as to best fulfil our mission;
  • Our desire to ensure that our activities are helpful and unique or enhance the work undertaken by existing or future structures, associations, groups, and individuals, and to offer partnerships to those whose values do not conflict with our own;
  • Our intention to be an open and inclusive organisation, building relationships based on trust with all, be they the originators or victims of risks, crisis and/or catastrophes or unrelated persons or structures, so as to successfully achieve our aims;
  • Our determination to maintain our independence from business, industry, finance, politics, and other influences, and to treat all parties without prejudice regardless of the nature of our relationships with them;
  • Our aim to further the education of the population on issues related to risk and prevention of or dealing with crisis without bias or prejudice;
  • Our obligation to treat information given to us on a confidential basis in accordance with the principles that govern the handling of such information;
  • Our adherence to legal financial practices meaning that we will only accept funding on a contractual basis and will never allow our integrity to be compromised by financial incentives;
  • Our resolution to avoid conflicts of interest, be they real or perceived, whenever possible, and to disclose them to the affected parties as soon as they arise on the occasions that they do;
  • Our commitment to treat all people fairly regardless of position, race, religion, age, gender, sexual orientation, disability and national origin.

Geneva, May 2013

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