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Is the IARCC independant ?

The ASSOCIATION OF RISK AND CRISIS COMMUNICATION is an independent, non-governmental and international network of nationally organised associations with headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland. We are determined to maintain our independence from business, industry, finance, politics, and other influences, and to treat all parties without prejudice regardless of the nature of our relationships with them.

Who is the founding father of IARCC ?

The ASSOCIATION OF RISK AND CRISIS COMMUNICATION was created by a group of people who perceived the importance of the aspect of communication in all risk and crisis related issues. The initiative to build the network came from Herbert Koch, Austrian citizen, RP consultant, based in Zurich since August 2014.

Who is funding the IARCC ?

The network of the ASSOCIATION OF RISK AND CRISIS COMMUNICATION and its activities comes from multiple sources: membership fees, private and public donations, grants, subsidies, subscription fees related to the courses and training offerings at the ACADEMY OF RISK AND CRISIS COMMUNICATION, subscription fees from the JOURNAL OF RISK AND CRISIS COMMUNICATION, sponsorship income and fees for counselling services and field work missions.

Why is the IARCC domiciled in Geneva ?

Geneva has a long humanitarian tradition and is one of the capitals for non-governmental organisations. Geneva is an important city in Switzerland, a country which is known for its stability, neutrality, independence and tolerance.

When will there be other national ARCC ?

In 2013 and 2014, national ARCC organisations were created in Austria, France, Portugal, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. We encourage the creation of further associations in other parts of the world.

What is the purpose of the IARCC and the national associations ?

The INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF RISK AND CRISIS COMMUNICATION is the administrative and logistic international headquarter of the ARCC network. As every country has different risk burdens and a different culture with respect to coping with risks and responding to crises, we feel that a local approach requires a local presence.

How can I become a member of the IARCC or of one of the national associations ?

You can become a member by applying for membership at the IARCC in Geneva or at any of the national associations. As a member you will be invited and are welcome to attend all events of IARCC and the national associations.

Can I become part of IARCC or one of the national associations without becoming a member ?

We are always open to informal relationships. You don`t have to become a member to build a relationship with us, support us, contact or exchange with us.

Does IARCC define risk ?

One of the main goals of our action is to discover risks hereto unknown, to develop a true assessment of the magnitude of risks wherever possible and to raise and develop the awareness with regard to very well known risks.  In the pursuit of this goal we specify, characterise, define and inform about risks.

Does IARCC define the acceptability of risk ?

To name, to specify, to characterise and to define risks is one thing. To define the acceptability of risks is another issue. We feel that the acceptability of risks is an issue that should be dealt and defined at the individual and/or collective level.

Is the IARCC an association lobbying for a certain cause or industry ?

IARCC and the national ARCC are independent. However, we might be in agreement with specific behaviours, point of views, opinions and judgements, and support activities and occupations on an individual or collective level which are in accordance with our values.

Is the IARCC a miltant association opposed to a certain cause or industry ?

We want to achieve our goals by sharing and demonstrating our findings and by convincing those who are opposed to responsible risk assessments. We are not opposed to any cause or industry per se.

Does the IARCC and the national associations deal with all risks ?

In principle we do not want to exclude any risks from our agenda. However, we will prioritise our activities with regard to the risks which are more threatening because of the magnitude of the impact and/or the probability and frequency of occurrence.

What are your activities ?

We have a rich associative life including informal gatherings, working group sessions, conferences, seminars and similar activities. We offer courses and training via the ACADEMY OF RISK AND CRISIS COMMUNICATION, we edit the JOURNAL OF RISK AND CRISIS COMMUNICATION, we undertake internal research, we work for institutions and companies on risk and crisis related issues and we organize and participate in the field work activities.

How can I help you ?

We are interested to know who you are and we are interested to learn from you. If you feel like us and think it is time to act in a more responsible way with regard to risk such as climate change, technological and many other risks humankind is facing, become a member of any of our associations, a reader for our JOURNAL and/or a student in our ACADEMY.

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